They hear better than us and they certainly smell better…

Our Dog and Handler teams act as a strong visual deterrent for prospective intruders.

One of our dog teams can provide a higher level of protection than that of up to six security officers, thus saving you money and giving you that extra piece of mind. Dogs have a greater sense of smell and hearing than a human, which is why many of our clients now opt for this service.

The potential to sustain physical harm acts as a major deterrent to stop intruders from pursuing property crime where a trained dog is present. Criminals prefer easier targets with lower security levels, such as CCTV cameras where they cannot be identified by use of balaclava’s or hoods.

All of our Security dog teams undergo extensive training and carry out continued professional development training on a regular basis which is documented accordingly. The level of training our handlers undergo meets all of the British Standard 8517-1. By meeting these standards all of the extensive insurance requirements are met.

The use of a dog and handler team offers one of the best deterrents in the industry.

​Maximum Security

Our dog-handlers cover the maximum amount of ground in the minimum time.

​Flexible On Site

Many buildings or sites are large and odd shapes, dogs work so well here.

​Hold & Detain

Our dogs keep criminals in their place until they are dealt with by the authorities.