The perfect solution for responding to monitored alarms 24/7…

The majority of businesses now have premises that are protected by audible alarms and remote CCTV systems linked to a 24 hr monitored station. On activation of an alarm or the detection by CCTV of an intruder, an alarm response is usually sent to a designated person from your business for them to go to investigate the source of the activation.

This action is a risk to the employee or the business person that responds as the incident could be fire/theft or some other high risk event. Sending out an employee to an alarm activation could also cause loss of productivity within the company as that person could turn up to work later that day extremely tired or not turn up at all!

We offer an alarm response service where you, the client, would direct the call from the monitoring station to our dedicated 24/7 manned phone line. We would then deploy our highly trained response officer and investigate the source of the activation and if intruders are found on the site they will be dealt with accordingly or contained until the arrival of the Police. A fully qualified dog response unit is always on back up should it be needed at any time.

The perfect solution for responding to monitored alarms 24/7…

All incidents are recorded and a report left at your premises for you so you know we have attended.

The perfect solution for responding to monitored alarms 24/7…

This tailored service removes any element of confrontation and risks to you as the proprietor and/or any member of your staff.

​Protection 24/7

You have absolute confidence your property is protected whenever you're not there.

​Zero Personal Risk

We are fully trained and experienced in high risk situations (plus we have dogs!)

​Legally Aware

Our close working relationship with the police means we know how to preserve evidence.